The Best Hygge books: Inspiration To Help You embrace a COZY life

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The best hygge books are ones that will not only entertain and inform you – they will inspire you to embrace a cozy life.

Hygge, that delightful, wonderful, feel good, be happy secret that those amazing Danes have shared with the world, continues to delight, fulfill and create calm wherever it goes.

Want some of that feel good stuff too?

I thought so.

Published October 3, 2019, updated December 7, 2020

Here at Pie Lady Bakes we’re all about finding ways to help you feel better, live a simpler lifestyle, and be happy.

Let me correct that statement.

We’re all about finding ways to make you feel great!

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red mug and red bowl of popcorn in front of a fireplace, on top of image showing multi colored books on shelves with text that read the best hygge books to get cozy with

And Hygge Life is the Danish secret that I’m about to share with you. We’ve written extensively about How to Live Hygge.

But before you go check all that great info, I’ve searched out and curated 11 of the coziest, happiest, feel good hygge books there are — all about how to live hygge.

Perfect for you or maybe you want to gift some hygge love to someone on your list?

So make a cup of tea, grab your favourite blankie, and let’s begin.

letter board that reads whatever makes your soul shine beside The Little Book of Hygge on a blanket with a candle and succulent plant to the side and bottom right



The hygge lifestyle is about enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

A hygge definition could be

  • Having a coffee with friends while you’re doing laundry? That’s hygge.
  • Taking a walk in the early morning and listening to the birdsong? That’s hygge too.
  • “is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment” (wikipedia)

My favorite ways to enjoy the hygge lifestyle (and in no particular order) are:

  • gathering friends together for a potluck on a Saturday night
  • cuddling with my granddaughter and soaking up those delicious baby smells
  • stealing a quiet Sunday afternoon to enjoy a cup of tea and quiet time to read one of these amazing books!


I’ve come across a number of variations of how to pronounce Hygge – but the two most popular are hue-gah or hoo-ga.


Looking for ways to create memories and new holiday traditions?

You can enjoy hygge at night. There are so many lovely possibilities! Think candles, warm wooly socks. Or try summer hygge with a hammock.

woman reading a book on a hammock outdoors

Embracing hygge definitely includes light with the main focus on candles, but hygge lights can be lamps as well. In fact Meik Wiking devotes an entire chapter in his book The Little Book of Hygge to Light and includes tips on ‘How to create Hyggelig Lighting’

Consult the lunar calendar to find out when the next full moon will arrive and plan to spend some time moon gazing.

What is Jolabokaflod?

Did you know that there is a special Christmas Eve tradition in Iceland, where books are given as gifts, with the idea that you then cozy up and eat chocolate and read your new book?

best hygge books with brown paper wrapping on books as gifts with pine cones and greenery, tied with twine

It’s called Jolabokaflod (pronounced yo-la-boka-flot) and roughly translated means Christmas Book Flood.

Started in the mid 1940’s, It’s become a strong tradition with Icelanders, and it’s crossed over into some parts of North America.

Now it doesn’t say what kind of chocolate Icelanders eat, so if it was me, I’d be all over the best chocolate cake I could find!

We’re always looking for ways to create memories right? The only caveat is that you must give a physical book – no e-books in Jolabokaflod,

Now let’s get to the best hygge books that will inspire you to live a cozy hygge life!

Thanks so much for spending time with me today and I hope you enjoyed this awesome collection of books about how to live a hygge life. If you didn’t have time to read through them all, be sure to pin it for later, email the post to yourself, or your best friend! xo

the little book of hygge on a white table with grey yard and text reads 11 best hygge books for you to create your cozy life

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