20 Simple DIY Fairy Light Projects You Will Love

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DIY Fairy Light Projects are so much fun to put together and give us almost instant gratification!

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Where is your special place?  Is it a balcony, high atop the city skyline?

Or maybe you have a huge backyard with a deck and BBQ station?  Oh, that country porch of yours is absolutely beautiful.  Great job!

You know it doesn’t really matter where your space is or how big or small.  What matters is that it’s yours.

It’s a place where you can go to be reflective, enjoy the company of your special sweetie, or celebrate life with family and friends.

These DIY Fairy Light Projects are perfect for your special place!

curtain of mini lights with white cast iron chairs behind on patio


When Did Fairy Lights Become So Popular?

mason jar with fairy lights inside and outside jar and text 20 DIY fairly light projects overlay

So when did fairy lights or string lights, transition from Christmas Trees and holiday decorating to the garden?  I’m not sure but I know that for a long time people would leave their ‘icicle lights’ clipped to their eavestroughs all year long!  Who knew this would become a DIY fairy light project?  LOL!

view of roofline and windows of a house with red siding covered with mini outdoor lights

Not anymore!  Outdoor garden lights are really popular, and I think they create a little magic in our green space.  Here at the trailer we wind fairy lights through the trees and shrubs and wrap our decks with them.

Fireflies and Fairy Lights

One of my absolute favorite things from the South is fireflies.  Now that’s magical.  Being out on a sultry summer evening, and watching the fireflies twinkling in the dusky evening gives me such a peaceful feeling.  Like all is right with the world.  And that’s exactly what I feel when we turn on the fairy lights, or like lighting candles.

mason jar full of fireflies on a green misty background

You can do that too and enjoy some Hygge.  If you don’t know what hygge is or haven’t enjoyed our posts about Hygge, be sure to check them out!

“Here are 20 wonderful ways for you to jazz up your special places with these amazing DIY Fairy Light Projects.”

What You Will Find In This Post

I’ve researched and searched all of these different DIY garden projects so that you could see the best!  This post will share 20 DIY Fairy Light Projects – the best on the web, with full links so you can check them out!  And I’ve also added some of my own comments on the projects, just to make it easier for you! We’ve got ideas for:
  • a grapevine wreath
  • hanging chandeliers and planters
  • fence projects
  • a watering can
  • mason jar and milk bottle fairy lights
  • outdoor campfire spaces
  • patio spaces
  • stringing lights over a deck
and so much more!

All the projects are budget-friendly, with items that you can find at your local hardware, garden center or craft store.

And I’m sharing a little secret, just between us, ok?  There are also some fairy light projects that you can just buy, no fuss, no muss!

So have fun, and if you do make anything, please be sure to tell me about it in the comments below, OK?

canvas hammock with orange pillow between two posts with tree branches overhead filled with fairy lights

Photo credit

Doesn’t this backyard hammock by Stephanielynn.com look cozy and inviting?
Those string lights just make you want to snuggle in and watch the world go by.
glittering globes hanging outdoors with text hear home in white lettering

Photo credit

This easy DIY porch light or outdoor chandelier is just divine don’t you think? All Things Heart and Home give you all the instructions!
I think this would make a fun DIY project to do in an afternoon with friends.
metal watering can on a black iron hook staked into a flower box with fairy lights coming out of the spout

Photo credit

What an adorable fairy light project!  I’ll bet you have the perfect spot for this!
Smart School House shows you how to pull this sweet watering can fairy light project together in no time!
wooden backyard table with white chair and gold coloured chair, flowers and candles on table with patio lights strung from fence to back of house

Photo Credit

Even your tiny side patio will look amazing with fairy lights!  Amara.com dresses up this tiny special place.
hanging circular frame with cascading fairy lights hanging down

Photo credit

Here is a classic DIY project you can make with your kids!
A hula hoop and string lights.  That’s it, let’s head to the Dollar Store!  From Dizzy Maiden 
mini honey bee string lights on greenery

Photo credit

These Honey Bee String Lights are one of our secret DIY projects – no glue gun required!
Just click here and you will be able to have a string or two all to yourself! 
I can’t wait to put these sweet little honey bees up on our new deck.
black iron chandelier with pink flours and trees in background and solar lights

Photo credit

One of the most creative DIY outdoor lighting projects yet!  I think everyone has had an old brass chandelier at some point.
And you always see them at a yard or tag sales, right?
And it’s solar, so no cords required!
mini glass gloves held up by chains hanging from a tree

Photo credit 

You will want to have a glass of wine every night under this fun fairy light chandelier!
Adorable, easy to make from That’s So Gemma.
front door arrangement of mason jars with string lights inside hanging from a black iron hook on white siding

Photo credit

This garland of Fairy Light Mason Jars is brilliant!
Another easy project but one that really has the WOW factor! From All Things Heart And Home.  
white paper lanterns line a path leading through a garden

Photo credit

Another great craft or DIY project that the kids can get in on.
Now you can buy decorative paper bags, or use a paper punch, make your own designs!  From Ideal Home.
milk bottle with string fairy lights inside at night on green grass

Photo credit

Create some magic with this sweet milk bottle and a battery powered string of fairy lights!  From Family Handy Man. 

a ladder chandelier and tin star shows clear glass jars hanging from ladder and lights in inside next to a building

Photo credit 

If you love haunting antique barns and flea markets you’ll have certainly come across an old wooden ladder or two!

Such a creative and beautifully rustic design.  From Unskinny Poppy

string lights are mini light bulbs strung between two tree posts and a wooden picnic table with plants and table settings

Photo credit

Looking for a totally rustic look?

Home Depot has you covered with these tree limbs supporting a string of fairy lights.

outdoor flower string lights shown within greenery at night

Photo credit

These flower string lights are just so adorable, and another one of my secret DIY projects.
No assembly required!
mason jars with black handles and hooks hanging from a wooden fence with a flower box holding pink and purple flowers and trees in the background

Photo credit

Goods Home Design has you covered with these simply mason jars and coat hooks.
Don’t you love the blue-green glass of the mason jars?
view of roofline and windows of a house with red siding covered with mini outdoor lights

Photo credit

Icicle lights combined with strings of fairy lights give this garden shed a welcoming glow.

You could do this on a pool house, any structure at all! From Family Handy Man.

backyard fire pit with chairs place around it, stone path leads to conversation area, and several strands of string lights across entire area

Photo credit

Stringing lights across this special backyard space creates instant magic!
And these string lights with the little light bulb style lights, instead of the usual twinkle lights (my term – LOL) are very trendy!  Brooklyn Limestone creates a perfect backyard setting.
fairy light garland in pinks, yellows, blues on weathered blue dresser

Photo credit

Now, this colourful garland of fairy lights is absolutely divine.  You love it too, right?

How easy is this to take colourful garlands from the florist or craft stores and other greenery and wrap some battery power string lights through it.   Absolutely easy peasy.  Or you can buy it from Terrain, Presto!

grapevine wreath hanging on a barn wall with fairy lights wrapped around it

Photo credit

Grapevine wreaths are still so popular and you’ll love how the rustic vines glow when you string some fairy lights around them!  From Family Handy Man.

curtain of mini lights with white cast iron chairs behind on patio
This curtain of magical fairy lights will turn even the plainest outdoor area into something special!  Here it’s hung on a gazebo, but you could also hang it over a curtain on your patio door!
So this is the third of my secret DIY fairy light projects that requires no special tools – just hang it up!
20 DIY fairy light projects you will love text over a white background overlays image of backyard patio with lots of string lights, table and chairs with small garden shed


  1. Where do you get the lights at? Very creative I’m gonna try these

    1. Hi Emily! Some of them are from amazon, and the links are in the post – like the flower lights, honey bees, and curtains. Even stores like home depot or your local dollar store should have strings of fairy lights or mini lights!

  2. Hi Judy! I am so in love with the Honey Bee String Lights!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing these beautiful DIY fairy light projects 🙂

    1. Hey Jessica! Aren’t they great. We just finished our deck so I’ve ordered mine. 🙂

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