Gratitude Journal Prompts For an Entire Year

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Gratitude Journal Prompts written for you.

Now that you’re writing in your Gratitude Journal regularly, here is a year’s worth of journal prompts to keep you on the path!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and open to being adjusted, rewritten or completely ignored!

Our Journal Prompts are just conversation starters…a conversation between you and your Gratitude Journal.

52 Journal Prompts and Questions for Your Gratitude Journal

  1. What were your worst three days? What were your three best days? Write a paragraph about each.
  2. Who is someone special past or present that has taught you about unconditional love?
  3. Who or what in your life are you grateful you let go of?
  4. What are 10 things about your life that cause you stress? For each stressor, write down two things you can do to change it.
  5. Think about the worst period of time you went through and 10 ways life is better than it was then.
  6. What is something that caught your attention recently and made you realize how fortunate you are?
  7. What are five personality traits that you are most grateful for?
  8. What about your upbringing are you grateful for?
  9. Think of up to five people that you have trouble getting along with or that irritate you. For each person, write what irritates you most about them. Next, find three qualities about each person that are positive.
  10. What are three things you could start doing today that would express your gratitude to others? This could be helping others that are less fortunate by volunteering your time, donating to a cause, or making more time for loved ones. The goal must be reachable and done within one week.
  11. What physical characteristics are you most grateful for?
  12. What talents do you have that you are grateful for?
  13. What family members are you most grateful for and write about what makes each person special.
  14. What friends are you most grateful for and what about each person makes them special to you? What about each made you want to be friends them?
  15. What are three things you can do today to be kinder?
  16. Who are people that come to mind that don’t have it as good as you do?
  17. What are three things that bring a smile to your face?
  18. What are your biggest accomplishments?
  19. What do you really appreciate about your life?
  20. What is the most beautiful place you’ve been to? Relive being in this place.
  21. What is the highlight of your day today?
  22. What are irritations in your life that could use a change in perspective? What can you take less seriously and find humor in?
  23. Think about qualities in people you admire. List these qualities and list ways you could incorporate their ways of dealing with life.
  24. What are the people and things you feel you take for granted. How can you express more appreciation for these things or people?
  25. List three struggles you experienced that you have overcome. Who and what helped you to overcome these trials?
  26. Think of three times pure luck or grace saved you. Write a paragraph about each and focus on who was involved and how the events took place.
  27. Think of three stereotypes that do not have it as good as you. What could you do to help people in these situations? Examples include sick children, homeless people, the disabled, elderly, or anyone facing struggles that are worse than your own.
  28. What about your career or job are you grateful for?
  29. What are three things that you laughed about today or this week?
  30. What are five things you like about your home?
  31. What do you appreciate about the town or area you live?
  32. Write about something you saw recently that warmed your heart.
  33. What things do you own that make life easier?
  34. Name three things that have happened to you that have strengthened your character. These can be positive or negative events.
  35. What about nature are you grateful for?
  36. How can you be more mindful of your five senses to make you more grateful of each? Examples include spending a few minutes focusing on each.
  37. Write about a time someone went out of there way to help you.
  38. Write about a time you went out of your way to help another.
  39. Make a list of 20 ways you are fortunate.
  40. What meals do you most enjoy making or eating?
  41. Write five things you are doing well currently?
  42. Write about something at work that is really bothering you right now. What are 5 things you might be able to do to resolve this feeling?
  43. What could your morning routine look like?
  44. What could your evening routine look like?
  45. Which of the five senses are you most grateful for?
  46. Write about three of your favorite movies and why you enjoy them.
  47. What would a perfect summer afternoon look like?
  48. What are you grateful for right now?
  49. Gratitude is about being thankful too. What are some ways that you give thanks.
  50. How does expressing gratitude to yourself, or writing in your journal make you feel?
  51. Do you share your gratitude journal with others? If not, why not?
  52. Do you regularly pray or give thanks to a Higher Power?
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